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Thai yoga massage

With Agnes Vissering, Malai Berg, Lorena Asencio

Thai Yoga Massage is a very old and unique form of massage based on traditional Thai medicine, combined with influences from Indian Yoga and Chinese acupressure. A treatment consists of a dynamic, rhythmic massage, during which pressure will be given with hands and feet on the energy lines of the body. During this full body massage a number of deep, yoga-based stretches will be applied. Additionally, the therapist will work on specific acupressure points. 

The combination of stretching and acupressure techniques brings deep relaxation, removes blockages and allows your energy to flow freely. It relieves muscle tension, improves suppleness of the joints, increases flexibility and activates the blood circulation.

The massage will be given on a mattress on the floor. No massage oil will be applied, so you remain fully dressed. Wear loose, comfortable clothing during your session.



Session of 60 minutes: €70
Session of 90 minutes: €100

Agnes Vissering
Malai Berg

Den Haag
Lorena Asencio

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About Teacher

Agnes Vissering

Astanga Led, Astanga Mysore, Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative

Agnes discovered yoga in 2000 in Bali. Continuing her travels through India and Scandinavia, yoga became her lifelong path. She went back to India many times to deepen her practice and eventually to teach.

Malai Berg

After many years working as Operations Manager at international advertising agencies, Malai decided to follow her heart and directed her energy into Yoga, meditation and massage. In 2013, Malai became part of the Delight Yoga family. As Operations Manager, she and a dedicated team managed the Delight Yoga studio’s. Simultaneously, she built up her daily practice in Yoga and meditation.

Lorena Asencio

After some years working as an engineer for international companies in Chili, Lorena took a pause from work to travel and reach some personal goals: improve her English and develop personal skills in a multicultural environment.