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Rebalancing Massage

With Mieke Meesen

Relaxation massage with Rebalancing techniques

Rebalancing originated in the seventies and combines techniques such as Rolfing (deep tissue massage) Feldenkrais (awareness in
motion), Träger and bio-energetics. The vision of Rebalancing is that the quality of the massage is not only about the technical skills. The quality is very much depending on the degree of empathy of the masseur, Mieke in this case. 

In addition, Mieke works as a Rebalancer from a meditative state and her attention is fully focused on you. Through touch, the peace and space are transferred to your body, which has an effect on you as a receiver. Because of her background, knowledge and insight, Mieke will be completely in contact with you and how you are doing during the session. This is what is most relaxing; an accepting touch, a feeling that you are completely right as you are.

The massage brings a deep rest and relaxation, even if you came in with painful areas in your body such as the back-, neck-, or shoulder pain. This relaxation massage allows your body to experience how it feels to be totally relaxed. Even the subtle tension that you hold in your skin relaxes, which gives a feeling of opening and enlargement. 


Session of 60 minutes: €70
Session of 90 minutes: €100


Den Haag:
Mieke Meesen

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About Teacher

Mieke Meesen

Mieke Meesen (1973) is founder and owner of  “Rebalancing practice Mieke Meesen” since 2013. With a great curiosity about people, Mieke started her professional life as a portrait photographer.