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Intensive Foot Leg and Hip Massage

With Hayet Benkacem

Our body has a beautiful network of connective tissue that helps us to make a certain (repeated) movement easier. The connective tissue is wrapped around the muscle and is a sturdy material that is less flexible than, for example, muscle tissue…

By having a certain posture in our life, the connective tissue forms the “base” in this posture. However, it becomes annoying when this posture is not beneficial for our body and even gives us pain in the back, neck, shoulders, arms, neck and head. 

During the Intensive Foot, Leg and Hip Massage we will look at how someone stands, walks and moves and also what the complaint is. The result will be that you stand stronger, though more effortless, on your feet and the way of walking will be more grounded. This introduces your body to a conscious and stable way of walking, standing and practicing yoga.

Make sure you drink a lot of water afterwards to be able to urinate all the toxic waste from your body.



Session of 60 minutes: €70

Session of 90 minutes: €100


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About Teacher

Hayet Benkacem

Hayet studied Architecture at the University of applied Siences in Utrecht. In 2013 she said goodby to her old passion Architecture and started a new journey in finding a new will to live.