Holistic therapeutic treatments

Magnified Healing & Traditional Finnish Healing

With Skadi van Paasschen

Everyone knows the feeling when everything is too much. You feel that you have almost no energy, you do not feel comfortable in your body or you feel constantly stressed. This can cause vague complaints such as tension headache, joint pain or a restless feeling. If this is the case, your body may be out of balance. This can be at organ level or sometimes even deeper, at the cell level. A healing can help you to bring the energy and body back into balance.  


Magnified Healing

Magnified Healing is an energetic form of healing and finds its roots in Reiki. For most people, this shape is clearly felt, powerful and yet very subtle. In addition to being a Yoga teacher, Skadi van Paaschen is also a certified Magnified Healer and uses these techniques in her sessions in combination with the traditional Finnish Folk healing she learned from Healer and Astanga Yoga Teacher Petri Räisänen.


Traditional Finnish Healing Session

During this traditional Finnish healing session Skadi searches for blockages in the body. Through the subtle and energetic touch of her hands, she ensures that the energy starts flowing again so that your system can balance itself. The effects of the healing process can take place on a short term or on a long term, which means that it can sometimes take a little longer until the symptoms have completely disappeared. The treatment takes 60 minutes and it is beneficial to wear comfortable clothing.



  • Healing session (60 min): €70,- 
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About Teacher

Skadi van Paasschen

Astanga Led, Yin, Yin Yang

Skadi started her passion for movement at a young age. As a child, she learned to experiment with the human body at an early age, which led to her joining the Dutch Gymnastics Youth Team at the age of eleven. After three years of intense training and competitions, she had to let go of her Olympic dream due to various injuries on her left wrist.