Holistic therapeutic treatments

These times of change ask for extra self care and nurturing of our minds and bodies. We are happy to announce that we are able to welcome you again to experience holistic therapeutic treatments by one of our specialists in our serene treatment spaces.


All our healings are based on a holistic view towards wellbeing, integrating the physical with mental and spiritual practices. With these healings we aim to support you on your path in creating space and awareness. To make sure the studio is a tranquil and safe environment for everyone, we will apply RIVM’s guidelines.

If you’re considering one of these sessions but you need help picking, we’re happy to help you, just reach out!

Feeding Your Demons

With Ingeborg Timmerman


A session of Feeding Your Demons will help you to transform that which you are struggling with in your life into something you can take with you and will help you in the process. We call this your ally. You can transform anything, which you experience as negative: habits, depression, fears, dreams/nightmares, feelings towards a certain person. A Demon is anything that obstructs the achievement of Freedom, of living your life free and happy. It is not some weird terrifying thing.

Magnified Healing & Traditional Finnish Healing

With Skadi van Paasschen


Everyone knows the feeling when everything is too much. You feel that you have almost no energy, you do not feel comfortable in your body or you feel constantly stressed. This can cause vague complaints such as tension headache, joint pain or a restless feeling. If this is the case, your body may be out of balance. This can be at organ level or sometimes even deeper, at the cell level. A healing can help you to bring the energy and body back into balance.  

Alexander Technique Sessions

With Francesca Gobeille


Most of our thoughts, behaviors, and physical responses are habitual and unconscious (some studies say 95%!).  We typically don’t notice our patterns - they feel normal - unless they wake us up with discomfort or pain.  Despite our best efforts, we bring psychological and physical habits even into our yoga and meditation, applying unnecessary tension or collapse in the practices. This interferes with our breathing, balance, coordination, and efficiency in movement, and over time can lead to injury and stress.