Postnatale and Prenatale behandelingen

Rebozo Closing Ritual

With Lidewij Severins

During conception, pregnancy, and birth, a woman's body opens physically and energetically, to receive a new being into this world. This opening process is necessary and beautiful, to welcome our newborn with an open heart and open mind and to connect to each other on the deepest level (as the baby is naturally just as open as the mother).


The Rebozo Closing Ritual, originating from Mexico (but is found in different forms found all over the world), is traditionally given 40 days after giving birth. It helps the new mother to close the period of pregnancy and birth, as she slowly starts to move back into the world. It marks the transition from a woman into a mother and is a true treat for the new mama as she takes her first steps within her new reality.  In this 2,5 hour postpartum ritual, the new mother is nurtured, heard, celebrated, and fully taken care of. 


This session includes: 

  • An opening, detoxing and warming herbal tea
  • Guided meditation 
  • Sharing on the period of conception, pregnancy, delivery and the first maternity period with the newborn
  • Holistic massage with warm oil
  • Footbath with healing herbs
  • Closing the body in seven steps with the use of the Rebozos (woven cotton scarves)


This ceremony can be seen as a rite of passage, which we can do at any time of our lives that marks a transition. Times in our lives where we want to let go of the old and connect and give space to the new. Even though it is traditionally given 40 days after delivery, this can be done at any time when the mother feels ready. Even if it's 40 years. The ceremony can also be truly healing after abortion, miscarriage, or stillbirth. 



Practical notes 

In this session, you will be assisted by anyone you would like to have with you as a support during this ritual. This can be your mother, a sister or a close friend.

As this ceremony is intended to mother the mother, I specifically ask you to come without your baby. If you feel it's too early to be away from your baby for these 3 hours, then please wait until you feel ready. 

Also please remember to keep some quiet time after this session (no appointments etc.), to allow the experience to settle. 


Please bring:

  • A bathrobe
  • Two big towels
  • Warm socks
  • Something that symbolizes the period of pregnancy and/or birth


€200 for 2,5 hours

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Over Leraar

Lidewij Severins

Astanga Led, Mysore Program, Yin

At a very young age, Lidewij was introduced to yoga and meditation through her mother. But it wasn't until graduating from university that she started to practice regularly. After a few years of practicing Iyengar Yoga, she fell in love with the Astanga Yoga practice. She traveled through and studied yoga in India, Thailand, and Bali