Holistic therapeutic treatments

Feeding Your Demons

With Ingeborg Timmerman

A session of Feeding Your Demons will help you to transform that which you are struggling with in your life into something you can take with you and will help you in the process. We call this your ally.

You can transform anything, which you experience as negative: habits, depression, fears, dreams/nightmares, feelings towards a certain person.

A Demon is anything that obstructs the achievement of Freedom, of living your life free and happy. It is not some weird terrifying thing.

What are real Demons: egocentricity, personal or on collective level.

Fears, Disappointments, Obsessions, Addictions are all parts of ourselves that have become “ demonic” by being ignored, disowned and yes we battle and fight them.

When you try to escape or get rid off your demons they will come to hunt you, pursue you. If you ignore a fear or something you feel is really difficult, it will become bigger. By struggling with them you become weaker and maybe they take over completely.  We need to recognize the futility of this struggle and begin to accept and even love those parts of ourselves we find so hard to look at. By taking a closer look, tune in to that which we find so hard, give it our full attention and give it what it really needs it becomes smaller, maybe disappears. It will give you insight in how you perceive a situation or fear and how it actually is.

What happens in the mind impacts the cells in the body and vice-versa. A visualization that brings an emotion out of the unconscious impacts the cells. It’s all connected. It’s a system guided by awareness on all levels. This intelligence or awareness or presence is what we would call the nature of mind, as opposed to the functioning of mind. The demons are energy that is blocked in various ways. So working with the power of the mind through imagination we liberate that blocked energy.

The Process itself:

  • Find the Demon
  • Personify the Demon and find out what it needs
  • Become the Demon
  • Feed the Demon ( and meet the Ally)
  • Rest in whatever is present

Feeding Your Demons originates from the Chöd practise, which means to cut.

The problems in our life derive from our Ego. Machig Labdrön a yogini who lived in the 11th century examined the obstacles in life of a human being thoroughly, what is it that keeps us from living life fully in Freedom. Machig  Labdron is said to have been an enlightened woman who began a female lineage of wisdom that is still being passed down and performed today in the form of the practice of Chod. She integrated Shamanic wisdom ( Bon Shamanism) and Tibetan Buddhism.

She discovered that success comes from not holding on to our attachments and fears and this success only arises when we understand what demons really are. She found out herself that by giving away her body itself means not holding on to anything, it gives means for overcoming attachment to the Self or Ego.

Lama Tsultrim Allione is a Buddhist teacher in the Tibetan Tradition and an emination of Machig Labdron. She was one of the first women to be ordained as a nun in 1970 by the 16th Karmapa. Lama Tsultrim’s understanding of the western psyche as well as her deep Buddist insight has led her to adapt the Chod Practise into a form that westerners can benefit from and this form is “Feeding your Demons”. www.taramandala.org

Practical info

  • No meditation or yoga experience required.
  • The sessions will take place in one of the beautiful Delight Yoga locations. 
  • If desired there can be a short intake, free of charge.
  • Regular private class prices apply, avarage duration: 90 min (€100).
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Over Leraar

Ingeborg Timmerman

Vinyasa, Yoga Basics, Healing Yoga

For Ingeborg yoga is her life. Expect her to help you connect to who you really are. Being free in all your bodies. Mentally, energetically and physically. Ingeborg uses different movements derived from various teachings, such as Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Tibetan Buddhist Practices.