Holistic therapeutic treatments

Alexander Technique Sessions

With Francesca Gobeille

Most of our thoughts, behaviors, and physical responses are habitual and unconscious (some studies say 95%!).  We typically don’t notice our patterns - they feel normal - unless they wake us up with discomfort or pain.  Despite our best efforts, we bring psychological and physical habits even into our yoga and meditation, applying unnecessary tension or collapse in the practices. This interferes with our breathing, balance, coordination, and efficiency in movement, and over time can lead to injury and stress. 


The Alexander Technique is an empowering, holistic system that sparks self-awareness.  With the teacher’s verbal and hands-on guidance, the student learns how to use thought/intention to ease the body out of unnecessary patterns of tension (especially in the head-neck-back relationship).  The student can then experience a way of standing, moving, breathing, and thinking that is free, light, easy, and supported.  


What is wonderful about this system is that it is holistic and practical for everyday life.  It integrates mind and body, so that they can exist in healthy relationship.  The Alexander Technique is not exercise, a treatment, or more things “to do.”  It is an educational process of unlearning and undoing unconscious habits, to reveal the physical ease and freedom that exist underneath, when we get out of the way!  The skills are empowering for the student; eventually, they can be applied in every moment, on and off the mat.  


Who is it for?

This work can benefit you especially if:

  • You experience physical aches, pain, or tension (neck, jaw, back, etc.)
  • You have a repetitive stress injury (from sports, yoga, computer work…)
  • You want to learn to do what you do (running, yoga, sitting at a desk) more efficiently and enjoyably
  • You struggle with anxiety, burnout, stress, or fatigue
  • You have a body and want to learn how to live in it well!
  • You don’t want to be dependent on “treatments” that don’t last; you want to learn skills that you can apply for yourself
  • You want a meditation/mindfulness practice that is down-to-earth and integrated into everyday life
  • You want to connect to yourself on a deep level (both your patterns and what’s underneath: your most natural, authentic self)


What's a Lesson Like?

In a lesson, the teacher offers hands-on and verbal guidance as the student practices simple activities (sitting, standing, walking, lying down).  Becoming aware of habitual tensions, the student then experiences how it is to release them.  This process uncovers a new way of being: light, effortless uprightness; coordinated, easeful movement; a freer breath; clarity of mind.  Students are empowered to bring this awareness and skill into their everyday life. 

Note: Our habits are old and deep; thus, repetition and time are necessary for real change.  In the first lesson, you will receive an introduction to this work.  If you choose to continue learning, 10-20 weekly lessons are recommended.  Through commitment to the learning process, ultimately you will be able to apply the principles for yourself, to support well-being throughout your life.



1 Session 60 minutes: €70,-
5 Sessions 60 minutes: €320,-
10 Sessions 60 minutes: €580,-

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Over Leraar

Francesca Gobeille

Yin, Meditation, Restorative, Mindfulness

Francesca is a second-generation Yoga teacher.  She brings her lifetime of spiritual practice and study into her classes. Her passion is integrating spirituality and mindfulness with everyday, human life: body, mind, emotions, environment. To this end, she has studied many lineages of meditation and Yoga, Qigong, psychology, neuroscience, Traditional Chinese Medicine, aromatherapy, and the Alexander Technique.